Mention you saw A Laser Printer Services on the web for a special first time customer discount of 10% toward the purchase of refurbished cartridges and supplies. Web discounts also available for Maintenance Agreements.

Maintenance Programs

A Laser Printer Service offers three maintenance programs designed to extend the life of laser printers as well as help maintain the excellent printing capability for which they were designed. These programs can be mixed or one type can sometimes facilitate all the needs of a company. They start for as little as $99 per printer depending on the printer and it’s use. Contact us to discover which would best suit your needs.


two cleanings and general inspection for wear and tear each
year. Any parts required are extra but are at the contract
purchase price (approx. 20% less than regular). This is a
basic, “bare bones”, but very effective program.


the same as above, but includes any parts required over the
next twelve months or a specific number of printed pages (usually
starts at 25K). As the name suggests, this is the best program
and is the most popular. In addition, we guarantee four hour
response time if a printer is down. Otherwise, an eight hour
response. In addition, we provide FREE loaners of equal or
greater capability should it ever be necessary to remove your
printer from your premises in order to service it.

Premium Plus

all of the above items and cartridges as well. This program
is on a per page basis and is the best value of all (requires
considerable pages per year usage in order to qualify).

Page Pack


“We are one of the largest companies in Orange County and have been using service from ALPS for more than 10 years now. We have consistently received an excellent level of support from ALPS with service and supplies. ALPS has been a great partner and has met or exceeded our expectations for our office equipment
needs. We highly recommend ALPS.”

R. Thompson

“A Laser Printer Service has been a blessing to us! The service staff has given us prompt service, fixed our equipment in a timely manner and saved us money and downtime. We would recommend their services to everyone!”

Terry Allen
Allen Realty